Science and Technology in Kazakshtan

Description :
        The effectiveness of the education system, particularly the higher education institutions, will be a critical determinant of the future of Kazakhstan. The country is fortunate in having a highly literate population that appreciates the value of education and is eager to build on the country’s advanced-technology achievements in the nuclear and space fields. Sound policies are important. Appropriate mechanisms for integrating education, research, and commercial activities are needed. The growth in national income can provide much-needed resources. But only with competent and committed scientists, engineers, and health care professionals operating in organizations that can use the products of research and that can develop competitive products will Kazakhstan be able to reach the ambitious goals that have been set.
Fortunately, in this regard, the government recognizes the importance of higher education, as exemplified by the Bolashak and related programs to support studies by talented Kazakhstani students and researchers abroad. This report is intended to assist the government in capitalizing on its commitment to education and science as it seeks to develop the nation’s S&T infrastructure, which is essential to improve the technological competitiveness of the country while also serving the day-to-day needs of the Kazakhstani population.