Build Your Robots Androids and Animatrons

Description :
         Robot are indispensable in many manufacturing industries. the reason is that the cost per hour to operate a robot is a fraction of the cost of the human labor needed to perform the same function. more than this, once programmed, robots repeatedly perform functions with a high accuracy that supasses that of the most experimenced human operator. human operators are, however, far more versatile. humans can swicth job tasks easily. robots are built and programmed to be job specific.
you wouldn't be able to program a welding robot to start counting parts in a bin.
In the beginning, personal robots will focus on a singular function (job task) or purpose. For instance, today there are small mobile robots that can autonomously maintain a lawn by cutting the grass. these robots are solar powered and don't require any training. underground wires are placed around the lawn perimeter. The robots sense the wires, remain within the defined perimeter, and don't wander off. Building a useful personal robot is very difficult. in fact it's beyond the scope of this book, or for that matter, every other contemporary book on robotics. So you may reasonably ask, "What's the purpose of this book?" Well, in rading this book and building a few robots you gain antry into and become part of the on going robotic evolution.